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Friday, 19 April 2019

The secret to success - If you have success in life then is it necessary to know?

The secret to success 

If you have success in life then is it necessary to know?

The Secret of Success 

Welcome to heart talk dot com If you want success in your life, then you are in the right place.

I will tell you a story here, after knowing which guarantee of success, although this story is a little comedian but it is practically aproved.

So let's start the story

In a village, two students named Ramesh and Shankar studied in class 10th, both of which were very hosiery in studies. Both were good friends and used to study together. Shankar was from a poor family and he used to study his mind. While Ramesh was from a good family and he was afraid of darkness.

But Ramesh always used to burn Shankar, because Shankar was always ahead of Ramesh in everything, whether sports or studies.

One day, Ramesh comes to Shankar and asks, "Yar Shankar, we both study together, play is also together, but how are you always ahead of me, what is the secret of your success?"

Then Shankar tells him that you will have to come to my house for dinner to find out the question. This invites Ramesh to dinner.

In dinner, Ramesh is given a lot of dishes, food is fed to him. After eating the food, both of them go to sleep.

But as soon as half of the night is there, Ramesh suffers from stomach ache and runs straight towards the bathroom, he is not afraid of darkness, nor is he afraid of any ghost After defeats, it goes back to sleep.

But as soon as the morning ramesh asks Shankar for the same question,

Man, you do not tell, what is the secret of your success.

Then Shankar says - tell me when your stomach hurts, what happened to you first and if you went for a job then you were not afraid of darkness.

Ramesh speaks - so much stomach pain that I did not recommend anything other than the bathroom and did not fear anyone. It was the most important thing to go to the bathroom for me at that time.

Then Shankar answers -

This is the secret of success. When a person becomes the most important after breathing, then only one thing is seen in the evening and he can do anything to get it. He is not afraid of anyone. Whatever problem comes in front of him, he does it. And finally he gets success.

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