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Saturday, 20 April 2019

How To Protect Your Social media Accounts from Hacking

Social accounts have to stay private. So these methods will work


 On one hand, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

 Social media like us

 Idea shares and large audiences

 Helps communicate with

 On the other hand, through this data theft and online

 The risk of stocking has also increased significantly.  In such

 To make users public their posts

 Rather than keeping them at a fixed target

 , The data can be kept secure.

 Consider these methods and suggestions for this

 can go

 Change privacy settings

 Private in Facebook's Settings View

 In settings and section sections

 Can be heard that your future

 Who can give activity?  In such

 Privacy to Friends instead of Public

 Select.  Here's your sour post

 There is also an option to limit access.

 You can access the search engine of War with Facebook

 Can switch off too.

 Provide limited information on profile

 Public information in your profile is public

 Are in the domain.  To do this, top and bottom

 Profiles by clicking on your profile picture

 See.  You can see all the notifications on this page

 Are.  Now the editor of the small pencil icon (Intro

 After clicking on the box)

 You can customize your notifications.  One

 Other items that you keep private

 Say, switch them all off so that teg

 Unnecessarily they could not see them.

 Private account

 Open Settings in the Instagram App on Phone »

 End Security  In this account privacy option

 Choice of vacancy option in private account

 Only those people will be able to see your posts from

 Follow you and then to the new Fallowors

 You will only approve.  Use it to those people

 Should increase the number of followers who

 Rather than just want to share with anyone.

 Hide your photos

 If you do not want your memorable moments

 If someone looks, then try these methods - initiative, something

 After that, delete them from Facebook.  Second, each

 Edit life settings for photo album.

 Click the Photos »Albums for it.  Now whom

 Also want to limit the view of the album, so alone

 Option button on alvum (3 dot on right edge) click

 Select Edit from the Edit.  The privacy of your albums here

 Settings will open where you can only send friends, family or

 Only choose oneself.

 Keep Tweets Protected

 Like Instagram, Twitter also lets you hide your tweets

 Facilitates.  That is, they

 Followers will be seen only.  Next to you new

 Followers must personally get approval.  Its

 For 'Settings & Privacy' section, go to 'Privacy'

 Safety 'and then' Protect your tweet 'salt feature


 D from Facebook

 link up

 Instagram App »Settings» Account 2 Linked Accounts »Facebook and then select" Unlock Account.

 Disable Story Sharing

 Click on Settings »Privacy Security» Story Controls for this.

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